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Bistro restaurant in Nice

When you come to Origines, rue Tonduti de l'escarène in Nice,

you will find France Hanson in the dining room and Antoine Michon in the kitchen.

Come and have a good meal and gourmet time with us !

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Our Origins

Trained at the Ferrandi school in Paris , Antoine Michon and France Hanson worked in prestigious starred restaurants such as the Tour d'Argent , the George V, the Oasis or the Mas Candille to name but a few examples.
This overview of gourmet cuisine has allowed them to forge a solid
  field experience of French cuisine which they were able to complete with experiences in bistros and brasseries.

From the fusion of these experiences, France Hanson and Antoine Michon have chosen to share with you, in Nice , their know-how around a bistronomic French cuisine , composed of innovative or revisited fresh dishes.

A reduced menu, a rigorous selection of wines: everything is done to offer you French cuisine
modern and tasty , in Nice .


Our title of Master Restaurateur

"A prestigious label that rewards excellence"

homemade with fresh products
as well as high-level professional know-how.
Fewer than 4,000 establishments in France hold it:
a real guarantee of quality for our customers.


Our rigorously selected products

We take the time to choose our producers
and our various suppliers with care to ensure you homemade French cuisine with fresh products .


To be able to offer you fresh products
of quality, we are developing our menu

to the rhythm of the seasons .
Our menu is evolving, which allows our customers
to come back often, to taste different dishes.
Our suggestions are updated according to the products found and our desires .

Our reduced and seasonal menu


Our desire: satisfy our customers

Pleasure above all! This is the message that
we like to convey without moderation to our guests.

We put all our energy and know-how
at the service of the satisfaction of our customers .

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Check out the place...

La salle
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Some Specialties...

Nos pâtes fraiches

La fabrication de pâtes fraîches requiert un véritable savoir-faire. Le chef Antonio Capasso maîtrise cet art à la perfection et prépare des plats aux goûts authentiques pour une découverte gustative exceptionnelle.

Quelques spécialités

Une pause gourmande dans notre restaurant bistronomique de Nice

A true source of well-being and relaxation, gastronomy is an art that amazes the senses at the slightest bite. In the kitchens of our bistronomic restaurant, little hands are busy and creativity is freed to offer you a moment out of time. You will feel your spirit soar among the voluptuous scents floating in the air . In a warm environment, we will tickle your taste buds at the sight of an enticing menu. You will be able to settle in a calm environment to offer you a moment of greed and rest. It is important to us to offer you a real culinary journey in the heart of our bistronomic restaurant . Our staff will listen to you during your visit so that you can fully enjoy this experience. Available to answer all your questions, he will guide you as well as possible so that this gourmet moment meets your expectations. Thanks to the alliance of originality and tradition, you will take your place at the heart of traditional and innovative cuisine in our restaurant in Nice . We open the doors to a world of multiple flavors that will amaze your eyes and satisfy your gluttony.


We invite you to come and discover our suggestions and share your opinions on social networks.

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